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New website!

It has been hard work, but with a good result: our new website is live. A new look for a familiar group accommodation. Everything is up-to-date, with many new photos, our new features are... Read more

Names of our accommodations

Our accommodations have a name! They are called 'De Vaarsche Hoef', 'Hoeve Nolleken' and 'Hoeve Ter Hofstad', after the middle age farm houses (in Dutch 'Hoeve') which were situated nearby a few centuries ago. The multipurpose com... Read more

De Vaarsche Hoef is a long front farmhouse style property which can accommodate 98 persons.

This charming farmhouse has a dining / recreation room with fireplace and a cozy bar with seating area. De Vaarsch Hoef has 15 bedrooms on the ground and first floor (download floorplan).

De Vaarsche Hoef De Vaarsche Hoef Dining room De Vaarsche Hoef

This accommodation has a large kitchen with professional equipment: large refrigerator and freezer space, 10xGN combi steamer, roasting pan, stove,dishwasher, microwave and coffee maker.

Keuken De Vaarsche Hoef Bar De Vaarsche Hoef De Vaarsche Hoef

De Vaarsche Hoef still reflects the character of an old farm, retaining the original style and features. Surrounding De Vaarsche Hoef there are some recreational fields.