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New website!

It has been hard work, but with a good result: our new website is live. A new look for a familiar group accommodation. Everything is up-to-date, with many new photos, our new features are... Read more

Names of our accommodations

Our accommodations have a name! They are called 'De Vaarsche Hoef', 'Hoeve Nolleken' and 'Hoeve Ter Hofstad', after the middle age farm houses (in Dutch 'Hoeve') which were situated nearby a few centuries ago. The multipurpose com... Read more

De Vaarsche HoefDe Hoof, a pleasant stay in all seasons!

In the Brabantse Peel, rural, near the Strabrechtse Moors and the woods, you will find relaxation, space and nature.

By De Hoof, with authentical accommodations, a warm welcome awaits you. You stay on the basis of self-care, half or full board.


A special group accommodation

De Hoof has larger and smaller accommodations. There is always an accommodation that matches the size of your group. For your joint activities De Hoof has a large multipurpose sports hall, congress hall, music hall and 6 meeting rooms. 

Een symphonieorkerst repeteert in de congreshal De sporthal Het recreatieveld tussen hoeves Nolleken en Schoot Swingen in de muziekkelder

Our beautiful outdoor area with sports fields and recreation fields provide space for action and relaxation. The rustic and cozy ambiance will make you feel at home during your stay at this beautiful location.

And what is your reason for choosing De Hoof?