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New website!

It has been hard work, but with a good result: our new website is live. A new look for a familiar group accommodation. Everything is up-to-date, with many new photos, our new features are... Read more

Names of our accommodations

Our accommodations have a name! They are called 'De Vaarsche Hoef', 'Hoeve Nolleken' and 'Hoeve Ter Hofstad', after the middle age farm houses (in Dutch 'Hoeve') which were situated nearby a few centuries ago. The multipurpose com... Read more

1. You're with a large to very large group

CongreshalDe Hoof has a large capacity (50-330 people) and - more importantly - our accommodations and facilities are designed for large groups.

Converting a (dining) room for the next program is not required, you just move to another room. Hoeve Schoot has sports hall, a congress hall, a large music hall and 6 meeting rooms of various sizes.

2. You do not want to depend on the weather.

Slechtweer voorziening in de SporthalYou, as an organizer, you are an optimist, so your programm is based on the precence of dry and sunny weather.

But you're also a realist, so you made a bad-weather program also. It's really nice when you have plenty of indoor facilities available, which offers everything you need for your program to run smoothly. 

3. You want to enjoy the outdoors

Eén van de vele recreatie- en sportveldenPerhaps the major part of your program is inside one of the buildings. But in between you want some fresh air and get active.

De Hoof has with its 5.5 hectares of land over many recreation fields, sports grounds and a beautiful outdoor area.

4. You do not want to stay in concrete boxes

De authentieke bouwstijl van De HoofOur accommodations are built in traditional style Brabant farmhouse, a traditional farmstead surrounded by beech hedges and oak trees.

A good atmosphere and you have not notice that you are visiting one of the largest group accommodations in the Netherlands.

5. You want to deal wisely with your budget

We know it's a very puzzling to the budget to get around. Then it is nice to know when you find that De Hoof offers a lot for a very reasonable price.