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New website!

It has been hard work, but with a good result: our new website is live. A new look for a familiar group accommodation. Everything is up-to-date, with many new photos, our new features are... Read more

Names of our accommodations

Our accommodations have a name! They are called 'De Vaarsche Hoef', 'Hoeve Nolleken' and 'Hoeve Ter Hofstad', after the middle age farm houses (in Dutch 'Hoeve') which were situated nearby a few centuries ago. The multipurpose com... Read more

A Typical Dutch dish: Hot snacks, freshly baked for you! Want a customized package? We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

The minimum purchase at a time from our hot snack service is € 195. For more information, please contact us.



Hot snacks

1 medium fries and a hot snack € 3,50
1 medium fries and 2 hot snacks € 4,75
1 large fries and a hot snack € 3,75
1 large fries and 2 hot snacks € 5,00

Choice of: frikandel, croquette, cheese soufflé, noodles, served with sauces and onions.


Hot snacks 'all you can eat'



0-100 persons € 6,25 p.p.
100-200 persons € 5,75 p.p.
more than 200 personen € 5,50 p.p.

Children up to 12 years

0-100 children € 4,75 p.p.
100-200 children € 4,25 p.p.
more than 200 children € 4,00 p.p.